Plasma Cutting

Iron Outfitter offers their precision CNC plasma cutting service to customers who expect the highest quality metal fabrication. This service uses Burny LCD CNC and Hypertherm HSD135 plasma cutting action on equipment to produce parts that can measure up to 24 ft long, 9 ft wide, and 1-1/2 in thick.

We are able to accept most drawing formats. Additionally we have onsite drawing and designing services.

Custom or standard – Prototyping or Production Iron Outfitter is your go to CNC Plasma cutting service provider. Adding our CNC bending and full service fabrication services our talented staff can provide turnkey metal fabrication solutions to meet all of your needs!

Precision Metal Plasma Cutting Capabilities

Plasma Source Hypertherm HSD130
Cutting Material Cold and Hot Rolled Steel

Stainless Steel


Hot and Cold Rolled Steel Maximum Cutting Thickness 1-1/2”
Stainless Steel Maximum Cutting Thickness 1”
Aluminum Maximum Cutting Thickness 1”
Minimum Thickness .018” 26ga
Process Amps 45-130
Process gases by material

Mild Steel

Stainless Steel


0₂/Air, Air/Air

Air/Air, H35/N2

Air/Air, H35/N2

Additional Services Assembly




Quality Inspected for Quality Satisfaction
Production Volume Prototype to Production
Lead Time Varying