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Heavy-Duty Self Tipping Bins

The Tip Bins we produce are top of the line when it comes to quality and strength. The ½” rocker plates with 1 ½” solid round stop will stand up to the shock of dumping heavy loads. The drop down safety chain makes premature dumping virtually nonexistent and can be used as a handle to easily trip the lock when the Bin is elevated in the air.

Tubs have an auto-locking mechanism that is activated simply by forcing the front of the bin down on the container you are dumping in. The auto-lock can also be activated by hand easily. These are very versatile bins to have around.

Standard Sizes:
1, 2, and 3 Cubic Yard.

– 3/16” steel tub
– ¼” formed steel base with tube frame
– ½” Rockers
– 1.5” solid round stop
– 1.5” Drain Plug

– Casters: phenolic, polyurethane, or poly-on-steel (2 rigid, 2 swivel)
– Expanded Steel bottom for water separation
– Platform legs
– Various other configurations to meet consumer needs