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Tub Style Roll Offs

Our most desirable Roll Off to the medium-heavy weight garbage and refuse industries, due to their ability to be stacked together resulting in more affordable shipping. Walls consist of a formed smooth Mild Steel with no ribbing, which creates a sleek profile and a great decal surface.

Standard Sizes and Lengths:
20yd³- 4’ walls 22’ long
30yd³- 5’ walls 22’ long

Standard Duty:
Sides- 10 Gauge Steel
Floor- 3/16” Steel
6”x2”x3/16” Frame Rails

Heavy Duty:
Sides- 3/16” Steel
Floor- 3/16” Steel
6”x2”x3/16” Frame Rails


  • Formed 3/16” shield on front uprights for cable drawn
  • Walls overlapped 1” to increase seam strength
  • Tailgate is inset 1” over frame
  • Removable tailgate
  • Heavy duty hinges with grease-able/removable Pin
  • Ladder located on tailgate for all models 4’ and taller
  • Tapered wall with formed edge to add rigidity
  • Tarp Hooks on walls are located on 3’ centers
  • Rear Ground Wheels- (DxL) 8”x10” with grease-able 1.5” axle
  • Front Rollers- (DxL) 4”x4” with grease-able 1.5” axle


  • Multiple cable drawn or hook variations to meet hauling trucks needs
  • ¼” Floor
  • Frame mounted locking tabs
  • Any size or variation is available for quote upon request