• 24 Foot Contractor Series 1 end
  • 24 Foot Contractor Series 1 side
  • 24 Foot Contractor Series 1
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Contractor Series Roll Offs

Very Heavy Duty Roll Off mainly used for steel and other heavy refuse wastes. Walls constructed of formed 10ga mild steel with a 3”x2”x11ga tube upright on 24” centers. Tailgate cross members, wall beam and front uprights are composed of 3”x2”x11ga structural tube as well. 3”x4”x3/16” Structural tube makes up the hinge side upright on both the tailgate and wall. Floors are angled up 45° on the sides to increase strength. There are 3 bends in the walls for added rigidity, one 45° bend at the bottom flaring the wall out, and the top is formed to a upside down V. This helps to deflect the crushing force of debris if it is dropped on the walls.

Standard Lengths and sizes:
20yd³- 3’ walls, 24’ long
30yd³- 4’ walls, 24’ long

Heavy Duty:

  • Walls- 10 Gauge
  • Tailgate and Bulkhead- 10 Gauge
  • Floor- 3/16” Mild Steel
  • Frame Rails- 6”x 2”x 1/4” Tube

Ultra-Heavy Duty:

  • Walls- 3/16” Plate
  • Tailgate and Bulkhead- 3/16” Plate
  • Floor- ¼” Mild Steel
  • Frame Rails- 6”x 2”x ¼” Tube


  • Tailgate inset 1” over frame
  • Heavy duty grease-able hinges w/removable pin
  • Rear Ground Wheels- (DxL) 8”x10” with grease-able 1.5” axle
  • Front Rollers- (DxL) 4”x6” with grease-able 1.5” axle
  • 5”x 16” Front Resting Boots
  • Inside width- 89.5”
  • Outside frame width- 95.5”


  • Multiple cable drawn or hook variations to meet hauling needs
  • Front Ground Wheels
  • 3/16” A-514 Hardened plate for floor
  • Any size or structure variation is available for quote upon request