Octagon Compactor Receiver Container

By forming the edges and creating a contoured front without any square corners the user is able to get a much denser compaction of solid wastes. The tapered body style helps ease the unloading process. The smooth sides are great for company signage and decals. These containers just like the others we build are very heavy duty and built to last in the toughest field conditions.


Standard Sizes- 30yd³, 40yd³, 44yd³

Standard Frame Lengths
Frame Length
30yd³ 17ft

Overall Length Overall Height Overall Width

17’ 11” 101 ½” 96”

22’ 11” 101 ½” 96”

24’ 11” 101 ½” 96”

Floor 3/16” Plate*
Floor Cross Members 2.5”x 1.5”x 11ga Tube
Gussets 2 Gussets per cross member
Frame Rails 6”x 2”x ¼” Structural Tube
Standard Frame Rail Width (ID) Inside Distance- 36 ½”
Rear and Front Ground Wheels 8”x 10” with 1.5” Greased Axle
Nose Rollers (DxW) 4”x 6” Heavy Duty Rolls with 1.5” Greased Axle
Sides and Top Formed 3/16” Plate
Bulkhead Formed 3/16” Plate
Rear uprights and top beam 4”x 3”x 3/16” Structural Tube
Front Uprights 5”x 3”x 11ga Structural Tube
Tailgate 3/16” Plate
Tailgate Frame 4”x 3”x 3/16” Structural Tube
Tailgate Internal Tube Structure 3”x 2”x 11ga Structural Tube
Compactor Receiver Hole Built to customer Spec.
Standard Compactor Receiver Hole 64”x 46-3/8”
Hinges 3 Heavy Duty Hinges with Grease Fitting
Latch System Standard Iron Outfitter Latch*
Safety Chain 3/8” Chain with hooks on both sides


  • ¼” Floor
  • Ratchet Binding Latch System
  • Tailgate Seal



  • Multiple cable drawn or hook variations to meet hauling trucks needs
  • Compactor Receiver Hole is built to customer specifications